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The 2020-21 Wilson China Fellowship Essay Collection

TheWilson China Fellowship Policy Reports


In recent years, the rise of China has transformed the international system, and the downturn in U.S.-China relations increases tensions across a range of issues, from Taiwan to the South China Sea to human rights. Addressing these issues and crafting tailored policy responses will require nuanced and informed analysis of China from the U.S. academic community. With the generous support of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Wilson Center aims to bridge the gap between academia and policy by bringing together a cohort of rising scholars focused on China to undertake crucial, year-long research projects on China in our Wilson China Fellowship. The results of both cohort's work are featured in our two policy publications.

From the South China Sea to the situation in Xinjiang, our Fellows explore a range of topics addressing the breadth and width of China policy. With accompanying essays by Stephen Del Rosso, Abraham M. Denmark, and Robert Daly, the Wilson China Fellowship essays and their policy recommendations come at a crucial time when the rise of China and its implications for the United States and globe increasingly dominates the foreign policy debate in Washington.

We hope that you find them as enlightening and informative as we do.