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Responding to Challenges to US Economic and Global Leadership

April 20, 202321:13

In this edition of Wilson Center NOW, we are joined by Mark Kennedy, Director of the Wilson Center’s Wahba Institute for Strategic Competition. He highlights that program’s mission which includes, “shaping conversations and inspiring meaningful action to strengthen the technological, economic and infrastructure underpinnings required for America and its allies to deter aggression and secure the rules-based order.” Kennedy discusses how WISC also seeks to, “serve as a hub on both topical and regional research, from infrastructure, trade, and energy to longstanding alliances such as the G-7 and the Quad—as well as newer U.S. partners.”

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Wahba Institute for Strategic Competition

The Wahba Institute for Strategic Competition works to shape conversations and inspire meaningful action to strengthen technology, trade, infrastructure, and energy as part of American economic and global leadership that benefits the nation and the world.  Read more