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US-China Agricultural Cooperation: A Deep Dive

18:00July 1, 2024

In this episode of Need to Know, host John Milewski, discuses the history and future of US-China agriculture cooperation with Dr. Karen Mancl. She is a professor and water quality specialist at the Ohio State University and a fellow with the Wilson Center's China Environment Program. In addition to exploring the history of cooperation between the two countries, Mancl talks about the impact on trade, the value of scientific exchanges, and hopes for shared climate change solutions. Join us for an insightful discussion of how these two global powers are working together in the field of agriculture despite their ongoing competition in other areas.

China Environment Forum

Since 1997, the China Environment Forum's mission has been to forge US-China cooperation on energy, environment, and sustainable development challenges. We play a unique nonpartisan role in creating multi-stakeholder dialogues around these issues.  Read more