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1 day ago

RT @_jack_poulson: Yesterday ICE awarded Palantir another $17M for "FALCON operation and maintenance".

According to a FOIA from @EPICpriva…

1 week ago

Scary! Happy to keep eating at home, thank you very much

23 hours ago

RT @stevenleemyers: China is doing to Bhutan what it did in the South China Sea, carving off chunks of disputed territory and daring anyone…

5 days ago

RT @Transition46: Under the Biden-Harris administration, American national security and foreign policy will be led by experienced professio…

3 minutes ago

Fascinating piece by @mingsho_ho - similar to what @aramhur & I found in our piece on how Taiwan has approached res…

3 days ago

@GregPoling Where is the 9DL relative to this?

1 month ago

RT @AsiaProgram: Featured Fellow: @lamikim illustrates "China’s ambitions for the Nuclear Belt and Road and analyze its implications for no…

1 day ago

"Party-State Capitalism in China" - new @HarvardHBS working paper by Margaret Pearson, Meg Rithmire &…

12 hours ago

Join us!

39 minutes ago

@DanielLarison I prefer to give the last word to Mike Myers.

11 hours ago

RT @WeiPeng_Pton: Interested in the health effects of climate policies? We are currently looking for one PhD student to join us @PennStateC…