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18 hours ago

RT @kerim: I am once again asking you to read this article:

1 day ago

RT @AndrewSErickson: An Unparalleled Reference! “70 Years of the #PLA#AirForce

#KenAllen@CASI_Research & @CLGa…

1 month ago

RT @rosenbergerlm: Quad Leaders’ Joint Statement: “The Spirit of the Quad” | The White House

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2 hours ago

RT @meta_lab: ‘Smart’ Cities Are Surveilled Cities.

- In the latest edition of @ForeignPolicy, @robmuggah
and I argue that “smart” is inc…

1 week ago

@ananthkrishnan@Cold_Peace_ Those Lakshadweep and A&N baselines (esp. the missing half!) are really something.

1 day ago

RT @KateSullivanDC: Mass shootings in the US just in the past month.

2 days ago

@alvincamba Congrats!! 🎉🎉

1 day ago

Excellent analysis of the state of major power competition and how we can manage and mitigate drivers of conflict.…

10 hours ago

@walterladwig@pstanpolitics I proselytize the Fox volume whenever I can. Funny story: a long-standing Columbia pro…

2 weeks ago

RT @KevinPGallagher: New research by @han_cecilia@GDP_Center on China’s overseas coal emissions in Asia @hanchennrdc@thewirechina @wilson…