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5 hours ago

A good dissection of what full spectrum intelligence and control looks like from the perspective of Xinjiang polici…

2 days ago

RT @ahfdc: Ladies of #NatSec! The Janne Nolan Prize needs your submissions. Don’t talk yourself out of it, let me talk you into it: It’s a…

9 hours ago

RT @Cold_Peace_: "India is closing in on [the BECA pact] with the US that will give it access to satellite data for better accuracy of miss…

13 hours ago

RT @Brettarosenberg: In 1950, Mosinee, Wisconsin staged a fake communist takeover of their town.
In 2019, I visited Mosinee as a student of…

1 hour ago

Bookmarking to read tomorrow:

1 day ago

(Made possible by the @AsiaProgram and Wilson China Fellows’ fearless leader @AbeDenmark)

2 days ago

RT @AsiaProgram: Featured Fellow: @lamikim illustrates "China’s ambitions for the Nuclear Belt and Road and analyze its implications for no…

1 day ago

Analysts predict increase in restructuring and mergers in Q4 for companies owned by China's central government (中文)

8 hours ago

China is fearful of horizontal escalation, ie the involvement of many countries in a war against it. The more other…

3 hours ago

@pstanpolitics I knew I'd heard the band name before...found out why:

6 hours ago

RT @GDPC_BU: Our #GlobalChina Initiative is hiring for a pre/post doctoral fellow to work on China, energy and climate change policy. Apply…